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Home > Pocket Bikes > Gas Mini Chopper Harley 
New 2005 Model!! Falcon VG-S 49cc Super Mini Chopper Harley

49cc Super Chopper Harley Style Scooter Super Fast Super Hot!
Item Number:
List Price: $559.95
Sale Price: $429.95, 2/$808.00, 3/$1,135.00
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    Key Features: - Back to Top -
  • Super Mini Chopper Style 49cc Gas Scooter w/Electric Start
  • Push Button Electric Start and Pull Start, w/Keyed Ignition
  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes with Automatic Power Off System
  • Quad Front Shocks
  • 13" Chopper Tire (in front) and 13" Extra Wide Tires (on rear)

  •     Specification:    - Back to Top -
    Engine 49cc Air-Cool Motor
    Horsepower Powerful 4.2 HP
    Start Engine Electric & Manuel Start
    Max Speed
    30-35MPH Tank capacity 1L
    Weight capacity 200 lbs Net weight 79 lbs
    Dimensions (L*W*H) 70 *14 *45 inches Tire 13" tubeless
    Drive Chain driven Brakes Disc brakes
    Fuel/Oil ratio 25:1 Battery 7AH 12V

        Product Description: - Back to Top -

    The Super Chopper is real fun! This 49cc gas scooter is one of our new arrivals. With its full suspension feature, 13" front tire and single rear tire, SuperChopper is more than a scooter, it is the coolest of its class. The plush seat is capable of handling weight up to 200 lbs! With its quiet and super fuel efficieny feature, this bike would be a great little number to go around town.

    Brand New Features: This Chopper comes equipped with Hydraulic Front Brakes. This means you will need to fill the reservoir with brake fluid. The Rear brake is engaged with a foot pedal on the right hand side. These are features exclusive to our Vintage Chopper.

    Fun New Sport: Choppers, Pocketbikes, Superbikes, gas scooters, and electric scooters are all growing in popularity as more people use them for transportation and recreation. Whether you are a mature young rider who wants an affordable way to improve your skills, or if you are an adult rider who likes to have fun, these Chopper style mini-motorcycles deliver 49cc of power. Mini Choppers are the cool motorcycles seen on Orange County Chopper and on race tracks around the country. Everyone loves mini choppers! This is the all american mini chopper bike that symbolizes freedom and now you can have one of your own.

    Tons of Features: Our mini choppers are miniature motorcycles and come loaded with high performance features such as front disk brakes and a rear drum brake that is engaged with a foot pedal just like on a real chopper, handlebar throttle, rugged front and rear tires, and more! The ABS plastic body has been hot-spray painted with excellent craftsmanship leaving a nice finish on your mini chopper. The rear fender design is an exact replica of the classic chopper style giving the 2005 mini Chopper lots of eye appeal. The replica "V"-style engine cast is mounted under the fuel tank to give an authentic look to your mini chopper. Start your 49cc engine with either the push button mounted on the right handlebar or with the pull cord.The chopper is self charging. As you drive at high speeds the battery is charged so it will always start for you.

    An American Classic: This is the mini gas chopper you've always wanted. This mini chopper battery charges itself when the engine RPMs reach 5000 RPM. Perhaps the best feature of this 49cc gas powered mini chopper is the extra padded chopper seat that is super comfortable. The wide chopper handlebars, over-sized chopper frame, and a 4.5" wide rear wheel make for perfect balance as you cruise along on your mini chopper. 1.3 liter gas tank, alloy wheels, starter button are a few of the features that make the 49cc gas powered mini Chopper so special.

    Drive Safely: They may be small, but this 49cc gas powered mini Chopper is not a toy. There are many moving parts to be aware of and a gas tank full of highly flammable gasoline. Because of their low profile our 49cc gas powered mini Choppers are not safe for public street use. These mini choppers are intended for use on a closed race track only and with proper safety equipment. Riders of mini choppers must make reasonable demands on their vehicle. Cruising around your neighborhood is not recommended because the mini chopper was not designed to navigate the tight turns and unexpected conditions one would find on a public road, especially at high speeds. Mini Choppers were not designed for high impact tricks or stunts. Damage to your mini chopper caused by misuse such as driving on public roads, off road use, stunt driving, modification, over-use, and neglect, is not covered by our warranty. Proper maintenance of your mini chopper is essential to trouble free operation. Do not allow inexperienced people operate the 2005 49cc gas powered mini chopper.

    Additional Info: - Back to Top -
  • Every scooter passes a rigorous point inspection before shipment. No registration or insurance required in most states!
  • All the scooters shown on our website are only for display.
  • Some models might have slight difference in color or design, however, the minor differences do not affect their performance or the value.
  • Speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (relative to carrying capacity), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed, range and climbing ability.
  • Please check your state and local scooter laws and insurance requirements before purchasing your scooter. We will not accept any scooter returns based on unsatisfactory legal status.
  • To check the legal status of scooters in your area, we recommend that you contact your state legislature, local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and insurance agent.

  • Includes
    FREE - 30 Point Inspection
    FREE - Tool Kit ($24.95 Value)

        Resource: - Back to Top -
    Safety Rules
    Scooter Laws
    Installation Guide

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        Accessories: - Back to Top -
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